Welcome to Master Technologies Ltd

Master Technologies Ltd has been providing high precision roof safety and mining consumables for over 15 years. Started in 1994 manufacturing fall protection devices to the construction trades Master Technologies turned its attention to the mining industry.

Master Technologies and Mining Consumables

Master Technologies started by providing thread protection shrouds or as they are commonly known as "End Caps" for drill rod and casing to major mining companies within Canada and the U.S. our manufacturing practices rooted in the tool & die trade advance Master Technologies into supporting our customers with additional product line. Master Technologies introduced its Wire Line products and instantly began bringing high quality exploration consumables back into the mining industry flooded with sub par product and service.

Master Technologies quality products are evident immediately and our commitment to providing the highest value product with the latest technology and repeatability along with our commitment to our customers is evident in everything we do.

Technology and Manufacturing
Made in North America

All products are made in Ontario, Canada, we import nothing from outside North America and take pride in providing quality product that can compete with over-seas pricing. Not only is our state of the art manufacturing facility in Canada, our support personnel are located in the U.S. and Canada, our people take pride in knowing everyone of our customers face to face, solidifying our connection with our customers and there businesses.

Time is Money

We know your time is valuable and that you can't waste time and money on product that just doesn't work. Master Technologies worked closely with many different mining authorities to create a product that is robust, regionally versatile, and that exceeds our customer's expectations.